Howard was was traveling between Waynesville and Lafayette on Interstate 74 when he spotted a small shed being constructed on the opposite side of the Interstate so he did a U-turn to get a better look. However, the Indiana State Police didn’t approve of his maneuver and pulled him over. He wasn’t going to let this photo opportunity pass him by so he jumped out of the car, waving his arms and saying, “Don’t shoot!” as he opened his trunk to get to his new digital camera he had picked up in China. Meanwhile a second trooper pulled up behind this suspicious vehicle and driver. Once he discovered one of the trooper’s daughter was attending Purdue things warmed up. In fact, that trooper told Howard, “I can’t give you a ticket, but my buddy will!” (I’ve posted a picture of this event on this site. At that time he didn’t know how to download photos from his camera.)

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