I will never forget the day in September 2019, when my husband and I finished taking the last of our pictures in Jonah’s Run Cemetery, before starting our trip back to Kansas City, and slowly, in drives a car with a gentleman coming out to greet us. After brief exchanges, and he realized that I was the g-g niece of Hiram McKay, Howard sputtered, “We’re Cousins!,” and we both burst into smiles of joy! What Fun!! Haha! Howard soon began describing the history of the McKays and Colletts, took us to the Moses McKay farmhouse for a history tour, and then to the Mount Holly Cemetery. I was thoroughly and utterly delighted to have discovered more relatives, astounded to learn about the history of the area, but most of all, blessed to have experienced Howard and Barbara. What a remarkable man, couple, and life. I am so, so grateful to God, that I got the chance to meet up with Howard, connect with the Ohio McKays, and to share just a little bit of what you all already know to be true of this man. It is my honor to remember him with you.

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  1. Thanks for your post, Betsy. I remember how excited my dad was to share the story of having met you and your husband in the cemetery at Jonah’s Run that day. What fun, indeed!
    We hope more cousins can enjoy meeting you this August at our 155th annual Picnic.
    Manu Forti!

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