While not an intimate friend of Howard and his lovely wife Barbara they certainly made you feel like not only a friend but like family. My wife was much closer (her comments under Mrs) and their impact on her and our children could be seen through her tears as we said goodbye today. By the time I came along Howard was already on his life’s run for fun. Our family was neighbors with Howard’s parents Bill and Esther so that’s where I will take you. As a young child entering their home seeing the alphabet made from sticks on the outer wall, knowing Esther was a school teacher and her eloquent way of speaking convinced me I had met the smartest woman in the world. Looking back I admire women of that era before modern conveniences made things such as preparing a meal an easier, less time consuming task among many other things. Bill was just a hard working man and the first and most accurate in dowsing for tile lines, don’t remember if he used 2 wires or sticks but I thought the man was magic as he would walk across a field and tell us it was below his feet, we would dig and I would once again be amazed, it either worked or he had a memory unmatched by any earthly being. To bale hay/straw for Bill was a treat, not because of him as the boss or the pay but the lunch that Esther prepared for the workers, a beautiful massive table filled from one end to the other. We attended Jonahs Run together as I grew from a child. I bring this to light as they were hard working, God fearing, God loving people. This is the environment Howard grew up in and passed onto family and friends. God has blessed this family with the number of family members that believe in Christ and has blessed us by making us part of their family. Until we meet again.

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