Howard Doster and his wife Barbara would graciously open up their home yearly for a Homeschool celebration (as their daughter Anne was a member of the Haven Homeschool group). As a homeschool mom, I dearly loved the history stories about the underground railroad which Howard was always willing to share with our kids. He would then give an interesting tour of their home, which was once a part of the underground railroad.
We saw Howard recently (last September) at the Harveysburg First Black School event. Not surprisingly, Howard was dressed in period attire, sharing enchanting details with young children about the humble beginnings of the school.
The last time I visited with Howard was at Quaker Heights. He was receiving care there, and my granddaughter, along with her Brownie Troop, was handing out Christmas cards. We went into Howard’s room, and he was busy figuring out something on the computer. I’m not sure what he was working on, but he certainly wasn’t going to let rehab slow him down!
I wish I could have seen him one more time. Howard was fun and entertaining to be around. He will be missed, but I’m certain he is sharing stories in heaven even now.

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