We will all miss Howard and his “What fun!” emails. I hoped and thought he would live forever! When I was in elementary at Harveysburg, I was so proud to have cousins (Howard and Robert) playing basketball (the school’s only competitive sport – except track) and playing in the marching band. We went to school together, to Jonah’s Run Baptist church together, and enjoyed family get-togethers.

Later, it was going to Ohio State football games (once a year) with my parents to see Howard play in the band. Sometimes, when he came home from OSU, we played bridge with my parents.

Then, when I was at Ohio State, I even babysat for them in married students’ housing. Howard enjoyed my being Barbara Doster #1, with his wife Barbara Doster #3. Even more amazing, Barbara Gibbs Doster had been named Outstanding Woman of Ohio State University – and I received the same honor!

His interest in genealogy was amazing, and he was enthusiastic about Dan Collett’s being my route into Daughters of the American Revolution. So many of us will miss him!

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  1. We are so proud to have a copy of Howard.s “Fun in the Run” in our ag museum Vermilion County, IL.

    I first met Howard and Barbara 49 years ago @ winter Top Crop after my father had died unexpectedly. I was desperate for organization and some good analysis.

    “Get better before you get bigger“ and “be a low cost producer.” These were Howard’s secrets to success. And they still work today.

    He was a dear friend and will be missed by our whole family.

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