What Fun! Howard Doster
Reflections on a Life Lived with Passion
By his daughter, Anne Glaze, February 2020

We all know Howard’s tag line for life, “What Fun!” Howard lived life in high gear; full speed ahead no matter what. His passion sometimes caused him to butt heads with folks, but his passion – for everything he believed in – propelled him forward. Fun, for Howard, often meant turning an idea over in his head until he could express it as concisely as possible. Most often, Fun meant taking a genuine, personal interest in every person he met.
I’ve had the privilege to walk alongside both of my parents these past several years as the effects of time have caught up with them. Throughout Howard’s cancer and Barbara’s progressing dementia, they have continued their life’s work of being genuinely interested in other persons – that’s why we’re all here. Somehow, sometime, something they said or did touched each one of us personally. And, we’re grateful for having walked this way with them for a time.
Some will remember conversations about farming, genealogy, or local history. Some will remember Howard’s passionately held opinions… and Barbara’s wonderful smile to balance it all. Some will remember his passion for playing ball – baseball, basketball, and until recently, softball. And most of us will remember his seemingly endless energy to think up another “C- idea.”
You each remember a story about Howard, and always with Barbara close by. I hope you’ll share your memories with us at www.thefunisintherun.com or send them in an email to howard@bhdoster.com.

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